Plitvice Lakes and Zagreb.

Plitvice Lakes National Park, and Zagreb, Croatia

This morning Karen, Ben and I went for another walk around the lakes, this time to another part of the park. The trails are well marked, and mostly on boardwalks so there’s little chance of getting lost. It’s just hard to lose the crowds at times. But the scenery was as stunning as elsewhere in the park. By this point, Plitvice was my favourite place on the trip, and I can understand why Ben was so keen to see it.

At 12.15 we got back on the bus, which was still hot and crowded and headed for Zagreb, the Croatian capital. I was sitting next to a Croatian man who was keen to try out his English so we had a bit of a chat, although I can’t remember what we talked about.
Our first stop was the hotel, which I think was called the Movie Hotel and all the rooms were named after movie stars. Sadly I can’t remember which room Kayla and I had, but I can remember that we overlooked the noisy main road. After we checked in, Louise took us for an orientation walk. She showed us the cathedral, St Mark’s church – both of which were impressive, the gilded Madonna statue and another church. The walk also took us around the city so we could get a feel for the place.


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