Welcome to my travel blog

So, this is my travel blog. I’ve thought about doing this for years, and have often wondered if it’s worth the effort. Would anyone read it? Would anyone care? Could I be bothered to keep adding to it?

I’ve now decided to do it. If only for me, so I have a record of my trips, and hopefully a few people will read it and get some enjoyment, and maybe some inspiration from it.

When I made my first big trip abroad at the age of 19, I went to America for a year to work as an Au-Pair, way back in the 90’s, and travel blogs weren’t a thing then – the internet barely existed! Instead, I kept a travel journal, and recorded, on paper, my travels that year, the friends I made, the sights I saw. That travel journal still exists – it (‘they’ actually – I filled 3 notebooks that year!) lives in my wardrobe and is one of my priced possessions, along with the travel journal I kept when I went to Australia for 12 months a few years later. I still write travel journals whenever I go away, and fill them with a record of the day’s activities, along with pictures, tickets, leaflets which I have picked up as I’ve gone along.

And now, I seem to be blogging about my travels. This may not be as personal as a journal – there’ll be no silly stickers or leaflets in it, and it certainly isn’t my handwriting or my crossings-out when I write the wrong thing, but I’m hoping someone somewhere will take the time to read this blog. I love my travels, even if they’re not quite on the scale of those two 12 months trips I had years ago, and I love sharing them with people and talking about them, and this a way to share my holidays/travel with people.


Happy reading, and happy travels!!

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