I’m currently in Rome! This is my third visit here, but it’s been over a decade since I was last here.

I have fond memories of Rome, and have spent years wanting to come back. I have long wanted to revisit places such as the Trevi Fountain, which I have today, and the Colosseum, and the Forum, both of which I have also been to today.






I had actually forgotten how much I love Rome, the way old buildings seem to be around every corner, waiting to surprise visitors, and how gloriously beautiful those buildings are. I also love the way that even the locals are sometimes surprised by what treasures their cities hold – I walked past the ruins of an old Roman building this afternoon which was found completely unexpectedly sometime in the 20th century. No one knew it was there, but suddenly they found it, buried under the streets and buildings of modern day Rome.

I also love the fountains which seem to be everywhere.There is even a crossroads of 2 streets with 4 little fountains in each corner.


I also love the memories I have of my previous visits, particularly my first with my friend Lyndsay. I remember a shop, somewhere near the Trevi Fountain, which sells wooden ornaments, clocks, magnets, etc. They are designed to look like cute cartoon animals, and I already have a couple of magnets. Well, I had no expectations of finding this shop again, I didn’t even think it would still be open. But, suddenly I saw it! Just as I remember, tucked away in the corner of a quiet street.

A visit to the Spanish Steps today brought back more memories. When Lyndsay and I came years ago we came while there was some sort of music/entertainment festival on, with free performances and concerts scattered around the city. We went to see a free performance by Cirque de Soleil at the Spanish Steps. While the performance was outstanding, one of my favourite memories is the precarious place we sat to see the show – on the wall next to the steps, which had a drop of several metres behind us! Fortunately neither of us, nor anyone near us fell, but seeing the Spanish Steps again today reminded me of that holiday and made me smile.




5 thoughts on “Rome

  1. Glad you’re enjoying it.

    It might be too late for this trip, but if you get time try to visit the Basilica di San Clemente – it’s somewhere near the Colosseum. Then visit the undercroft – an even older church – and keep going down. 30 feet below the present church is a house – well, a few rooms – dating from classical times. Extraordinary.

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