Westminster Abbey

The whole point of my trip to London a couple of weeks ago which prompted my previous post An ode to St Pancras was to go to Wimbledon ( more on that another day), but while I was there I thought I’d do some sightseeing. The hotel I stayed at is about a minute’s walk from Westminster Abbey, which I have never been to. I’ve looked at the queues previously and just thought no, as they were really long. But this time I decided I’d do it, and I am so pleased I did. As with everything these days, tickets have to bought online, so no queue. The truth is it was so quiet, so beautifully quiet there probably wouldn’t have been a queue anyway – the upside to covid I guess, few visitors.

In addition to my actual ticket I bought(hired?) an audio guide, which gave me all sorts of information and facts and figures, but the truth is I can’t really remember much of what it said. I do know multiple members of the royal family, including Henry III, Henry V and Henry VII are buried in the Abbey, and the likes of Stephen Hawking, Charles Darwin and Sir Issac Newton have graves there too.

I also know it is a really impressive building, beautifully built, with multiple rooms and chapels, some of which are so old and delicate you can’t actually visit them, such as The Shrine to St Edward the Confessor. There are rooms/chapels/areas dedicated to certain groups, such the RAF Chapel, and Poet’s Corner. I’m not going to bore you with much more information, I’m just going to share some of my photos and let them do the talking.

The tomb of the Unknown Soldier
The Quire
The Lady Chapel

RAF Corner
The cloisters

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