Christmas at Chatsworth

So, today, two weeks after Christmas, I finally went to Chatsworth House to see their annual Christmas display. I had thought about going before Christmas but never quite round to booking it, so it was left until after the big day. By this point, of course I’m not sure I was really still in the festive spirit, but never mind.

A warm welcome, a real fire.

It was, as ever, lovely. This year’s theme was a celebration of 20 years of their displays, with inspiration taken from previous displays and traditional celebrations. I had hoped to see The White Witch from Narnia again – a few years ago she took up residence on the main staircase but sadly not.

Mr Toad from Wind in the Willows was back though, with a few friends, celebrating round the fireplace.

The Nutcracker was also there, dancing away in the chapel.

The library celebrated The 12 Days of Christmas, with paper chains, and paper pied pipers, dancing swans and rings, with a very pretty tree decorated with more paper chains on the grand piano.

The dining room was set for a large Christmas dinner, with the theme of Christmas through the Ages, with several trees and log fires.

One of the bedrooms had a large tree next to the bed.

Some of the corridors had been transformed into winter wonderlands, using beautiful trees and decorations.

One room was dominated by a gorgeous tree display, with reindeer made from corkscrews and a white snow carpet on the floor.

A Russian White Christmas was the theme on one of the staircases.

Sadly not a real fire, but cosy nonetheless
Another fireplace

After I’d been round the house, I headed into the gardens for a chilly walk around. Fortunately it wasn’t raining, and the sun even tried to come out. I got lucky at one point and turned round to see a rainbow in the spray from the Emperor’s Fountain.

And that was my trip to Chatsworth for this (last) year’s Christmas display. Maybe this year I’ll make it there before Christmas day…

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