Day 3, Korcula

Korcula Town, Croatia

Today was the first (well, first for me and the other newbies) of many early starts on this trip. But it was worth it for the beautiful coastal scenery was passed on the boat to Korcula. Green rolling hills and mountains gracefully giving way to clear blue ocean water. All topped off by the bright shining sun – stunning! And, spending time on a boat is definitely one of my favourite ways to spend a few hours.

Korcula town was lovely. Similiar in style to Dubrovnik, but smaller and somehow slightly more charming. There’s a small marina, a cathedral or church, and other lovely buildings, and charming little alleyways offering lovely views of the ocean. The main entrance in to the town is Land Gate set in city walls, similiar to Dubrovnik.

After checking into our hostel, we walked back into town for an orientation walk led by Louise. Myself, Karen, Kayla and Sheryn left the walk after sometime to the beach instead for a swim and some sunbathing. From the beach we went for dinner.
After that, me and Karen went for a wander around town. Karen bought some souvenirs – I was soon to learn that Karen likes shopping and taking photos. We were also looking for a bar that Louise had told us about – it’s in a tower, and you have to climb up a ladder to get to it. The views, however, we were told were beautiful.
Well, we found the bar. You do indeed have to climb – very glad I was wearing shorts, not a dress like Karen. But, the views were outstanding, and the cocktails were pretty good too.

Our next stop was a Moreska sword dance. Moreska sword dances used to be performed all over the Mediterranean, but now only seen in a few places. The dance tells the story of the conflict between the White King and the Black King and their followers. The heroine is captured by the evil Black King, and the White King fights him to win her back – which he does. The dance itself is very physical – the dancers all look fit, you could really see them working, and sparks really did fly when the swords made contact. After that we made the long trek back to the hostel and went to bed.

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