I am currently in Salcombe in Devon, on another family holiday with my extended family (See post Family stay-cation for last year’s holiday). It is evening on the second full day here. I am sitting by the window looking out onto the harbour, enjoying the view. The incoming tide is high up on the jetty just meters away from the flat we’re renting. Across the blue harbour water the hills are green, and with the large number and wide variety of boats on the sea, and a clear blue sky above the view is gorgeous.  The seagulls, usually so raucous seem to be quieter now, and the shrieking kids and noisy cars at the front of the flat have also mostly gone quiet too. At times all I can hear is the sea, lapping gently.

Yesterday, on our first day, the weather started out grey and just got worse. In the morning I went for a walk along the beach, enjoying the solitude of a deserted beach at low tide.


After that I met my family and we went for a cream tea. We chose a cafe which has outdoor seating, and even under the awning we got wet. We all did that very British thing of pretending we were fine when actually we were cold and slightly wet! It was a good cream tea though. By this point it was pouring with rain, and with limited other options we went to the pub! The excitable 7 year (my cousin’s son) in the family had been demanding a game of table football, so we ended up playing for a good couple of hours. From there we went back to the flat to eat pizza and play Monopoly.

Today, after a misty start the weather improved and is now much better. So, we went to the beach. First game of the afternoon was boules, a first for the family I  believe.20170821_130537

Then, family tradition demands we play beach cricket; so we did! With a wide range of abilities and ages, and a sloping cricket pitch it’s always good fun and unpredictable. The encroaching rising tide, and brief pauses as people and dogs walk across the pitch also add to the fun.

After that, further family tradition insisted on a trip to a pub. This time The Ferry Inn, which has a patio overlooking the harbour. A front row seat is a must to admire the view and watch the boats coming and going.


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