Salcombe (part 2)

Sadly I have returned from my holiday and am now home again.

The rest of the week passed much as the beginning had, with almost daily trips to the beach.

One day we had a family trip out to South Sands, which is a tiny community about 30-40 minutes walk from Salcombe, or you can take the ferry which runs every 30 minutes. South Sands is lovely, but there is very little there, except a beach and a hotel with  a big veranda overlooking the beach where anyone can have a drink or a meal – you don’t need to be staying at the hotel to eat there. The adults all enjoyed some good food, while my cousin’s 7yr old son played on the beach – she could see him from the veranda and he found some friends to play cricket with.


Our view from the veranda

After we finished eating we headed back into Salcombe, enjoying the views as we went. It truly is a beautiful place.


Another day, my sister, who likes to be doing things and also enjoys yoga did some paddle board yoga at South Sands – she had found out about it before the holiday booked onto the hour long session before leaving London. My dad walked round to South Sands and watched and took some photos, one of which is below. I have never done yoga or been on a paddle board, but looking at the photos I was struck with the thought that it looks like a very peaceful way to spend an hour.


After she finished my parents and I met her for a drink, and in her case breakfast, at a café in North Sands, as the name suggests is near South Sands. This is another small community and beach, but again beautiful.


Our last day split the group. My parents and sister went to Overbeck’s, which is a National Trust site near South Sands which has nice gardens and amazing sea views. I opted for another day on the beach. The sun was shining, and the sky was blue, and with low tide and the promise of another game of beach boules why would you say no? So I went to the beach with my aunt, cousin and her son. It was a lovely last day.

It was a lovely holiday. I usually want to be out doing things and seeing places on my holidays, but sometimes you just need to relax on the beach with a good book, and family for company.


Sunrise on our last morning as we walked to the car to leave



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