Holiday Planning

They do say that planning a holiday can be lots of fun, and I have to say, I agree with this. I seem to be spending a lot of time on the internet looking at other countries, and making plans. I already have 2 trips planned for this year, the first to Berlin in just 2 days, and the other to South Africa in a couple of months.

But, I want more! If I could afford it I’d take a career break from work, and pack my bag, and off I would go to explore the world. Sadly, I can’t afford to do that, so have to settle for much shorter trips. My plan is to see more of Europe before we leave the EU, so with that in mind, I’m looking at making at least one more trip to Europe this year. I keep thinking having about 2 more trips but financial constraints are likely to limit it to one, but watch this space…

Lake Bled

My plan for several years has been to return to Slovenia. I visited this beautiful country a few years ago, and thought it was beautiful, and really enjoyed the 3 days I spent there, exploring Lake Bled and Ljubljana, but it was only 3 days, definitely not enough. So that has been the plan – return to Slovenia. And that remained the plan until a few weeks ago when I got thoroughly distracted by Norway – which isn’t even in the EU! But, I keep looking at photos of the fjords, and the mountains, and the fjords and I keep thinking that is where I want to go to later this year. I’m loving making plans to go to Norway, looking at which cities I could visit, and figuring out which ones would let me see the fjords. I keep looking at flights there and back from different cities, and looking at internal transport – bus v train, train v ferry, flight v bus/train – and trying to decide how best to travel around the country.


I then keep thinking about where to go in my other break from work ( I have 2 fortnights booked off work, one in July and the other in September, which is likely to be when I go to Norway). And Switzerland (again, not in the EU!) keeps popping into my head. Or possibly Austria. Both are in the mountains, and I have wanted to visit both for years, ever since I was little and reading The Chalet School books. I even started looking at where to go in Switzerland a few nights ago, planning where to fly into so I could visit the Jungfrau, and which cities to visit.


And, as for poor old Slovenia? Well, I’ve bought a guide book…

2 thoughts on “Holiday Planning

  1. You are a globetrotter Sarah! I believe Norway is very expensive – be warned. We were almost fooled into that by cheap flights two years ago. Went for the slightly -ahem – less expensive Copenhagen instead. I’m off to Spain in September but only one trip abroad for me this year. Have to focus on ‘other things’.

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