Hvar, Croatia

Today, me and Sheryn went on another boat trip – the others didn’t want to come with us. Also on this trip were the 2 older Australian ladies. This was an all day trip to the blue and green caves, and as this was a longer trip on a bigger boat there was a sundeck with sun loungers on it. I didn’t spend all day up there though, as I was worried about burning – I ended downstairs chatting to the Aussie ladies. As I love spending time in boats and on the water, that day was definitely one of my favourite days of the trip.
As with the previous trip, this trip was a combination of sailing time and stops, although at this point I’m not sure how many stops we had, but I think it was 3. As previously, the scenery was beautiful – clear but water, gorgeous hills and cliffs just rolling into the water, sunny skies.
Our first stop of the day was the green cave. For this we had to jump of the boat and swim into the cave as the boat wasn’t able to enter the cave. The cave is semi-circular and has 2 entrances. Most people swam into one, and round the cave for a few minutes and then out of the other entrance. The cave itself was quite spectacular – quite large, there was lots of room for all the swimmers, and quite green – hence the name. Sadly I don’t have any photos of the inside of the cave as I don’t have a waterproof camera.

Lunch was eaten on board the boat – fish and salad.
Our next stop was the blue cave. To enter the blue cave we all had to get off the boat (on foot, not swimming) and get on a little rowing/motor boat. The entrance to this cave was tiny – just big enough for the boat if we all ducked down. It’s called the blue cave because it’s blue due to the light that finds its way down to the water. This cave was smaller than the green cave, but just as spectacular.

Our final stop of the day as on one of the islands, with a small town on it (I’m not now sure of the name of the town or island). We had a couple of hours there, either to explore the town and have a coffee, or to go to the beach – which is what me and Sheryn did. The beach was lovely, and it was nice to just chill out and sunbathe and swim. This was our last day at the bench, and I know I made the most of it and every minute. On the way back to the boat I bought a rather yummy white chocolate ice-cream.


The last beach of the holiday…


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